Using JConsole to monitor a remote WildFly server

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This quick tutorial shows how to monitor WildFly application server using the JConsole tool.  

The first thing you need to do is setting up a management user on the remote WildFly server using the script:

What type of user do you wish to add?
a) Management User (
b) Application User (
(a): a
Enter the details of the new user to add.
Using realm 'ManagementRealm' as discovered from the existing property files.
Username : administrator
Password requirements are listed below. To modify these restrictions edit the add- configuration file.
. . . .
Password :
Re-enter Password :

Once created the user, startup the remote WildFly server, specifying a management interface IP or host binding:


Now, on the local machine, locate the script which is in the JBOSS_HOME/bin folder and execute it. You need to specify the http-remoting.jmx protocol, the hostname and the management port which is 9990. For example in our case you need to specify as Remote Process: service:jmx:http-remoting-jmx://
Next enter the management Username and Password that you have created.
jconsole wildfly monitor application server
Click on Connect. Voilà! We are connected to the remote application server:

jconsole wildlfy application server monitor


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