Digging into WildFly 8.2 Console

A few days ago the version 8.2 of WildFly application server has been released. This release includes a number of improvements and bug fixes over the last release, 8.1.0.Final. In this article we will have a look at the web Administration console which bears some interesting changes.

The first evident change is in the upper tabs, as you can see, the new Wildfly 8.2 console includes an upper Deployments tab for deploying applications:

wildfly 8.2 tutorial

On the release 8.1 and earlier you don't have deployments as top option and you had to navigate to Runtime to manage the deployments.

wildfly 8.2 tutorial

The second change in the upper tabs is in the Domain mode: as you can see, the Overview option, which shows the topology of your Domain, is now available through the "Domain" upper tab:

wildfly 8.2 tutorial

Earlier, you needed to go through the Runtime top menu to find the "Overview" option:

wildfly 8.2 tutorial


Now talking about new functionalities: the one I like most is the search functionality which is available in the top right corner:

wildfly search

by selecting it, you are able to perform an indexed ajax search through the WildFly model and quickly reach the components, without too many hops:

wildfly search

Moving to the bottom right corner, we have the Management Model option:

wildfly search

This option has been enriched so that now you can actually use it to modify your server configuration in a Visual CLI style like. The first image shows how to use it to go through the Model documentation:

wildfly search

By clicking on the Data tab, you can actually change the Model parameters:

wildfly search

Moving to the single subsystems, I've noticed some interesting changes especially in the messaging subsystem, where you can now you can finally use the Management console to configure all the HornetQ options, including the journal settings, which before could be done just through the CLI or manual XML editing:

wildfly tutorial

The Runtime metrics of the destinations have been revamped as well, including information about the messaging statistics for a single destination:

wildfly tutorial

Some notable changes as well in the Batch subsystem, which allows configuring the repository for (JSR 352) Batch Jobs (Memory or JDBC Job repository):

wildfly tutorial

In this tutorial Configuring WildFly Batch Job Repository I've detailed how to use different Jobs repository for your Batch Jobs.

Finally a word about the look and feel of the Web console is slightly different from the earlier version, as a matter of fact the UI widgets, pattern libraries, sample layouts and visual styles now reflect the PatternFly which is an openinterface project (available on github at https://github.com/patternfly/patternfly) framework based on nodejs.   

References:  Thanks to H.Braun for sharing a first insight on the WildFly 8.2 console

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